Matt Shea’s Recommendations – General Election 2012

Key Contested State Races



Supreme Court Pos. 9 – Richard Sanders –

 U.S. Senator – Michael Baumgartner (R) –

 State Treasurer – Sharon Hanek (R) –

 State Auditor – James Watkins (R) –

 Commissioner of Public Lands – Clint Didier (R) – One of the most important positions, thePLC is in charge of managing millions of acres of public land.  Clint grasps the anti-property rights agenda and his experience as a farmer makes him the right man for the job.



 3rd Legislative District

State Senator – Nancy McLaughlin (R)  Nancy is a longtime, stalwart Christian Conservative who would help lead the charge to encourage job growth in Spokane.

State Representative Pos. 1 – Tim Benn (R) –  Tim is an experienced uncompromising fighter for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.  His decisions will be guided by Christian principles and tempered by his knowledge of the State Constitution.

State Representative Pos. 2 – Dave White (R) –  Dave is a longtime 3rd District resident who understands the economic issues of the 3rd District from a worker’s perspective and is willing to make the hard decisions to bring our state budget back under control.


6th Legislative District

State Representative Pos. 2 – Jeff Holy (R) –  Jeff is by far and away the most qualified experienced candidate in this race.  He was the only candidate to earn the endorsement of Human Life PAC for his staunch pro-life stand and the only candidate in the race to earn a perfect 5-Star rating from We Believe We Vote for his conservative worldview. 


7th Legislative District

State Representative Pos. 2 – Joel Kretz (R) –  Joel is a battle hardened conservative who is also Deputy Leader of the House Republican Caucus.  Joel is tied with yours truly as the most “Conservative Legislator Lifetime” according to the Washington Conservative Union.



Ballot Issues – General Elections 2012


Initiative Measure No. 1185 (Requiring to 2/3rds Vote Raise Taxes) – Vote YES  

Yes, once again we must vote on this.  Democrats have sued voters for approving this requirement and are looking at any way to repeal it.  Why?  It forces, government to live within its means just like all of us.  Instead of just raising taxes as a solution, government should make the hard decisions to cut spending by addressing all of the fraud, waste, and inefficiency in the system.


Initiative Measure No. 1240 (Creating Charter Schools) – Vote NO

This recommendation may come as a surprise to some of you as I am a strong supporter of education choice.  I do support the concept of charter schools because central to the success of charter schools is the removal of unfunded mandates, de-centralization of control, holding bad teachers accountable, and holding students to high standards.  However, I think all public schools should have the option to become charter schools.  The current bill does not allow that and will likely lead to massive lawsuits.


Referendum Measure No. 74 (Re-Defining Marriage) – Vote REJECT

Same-sex couples already have the same rights benefits and privileges as married couples.  This bill also eviscerates the long standing, well recognized, fundamental right of conscientious objection (the right not to participate in an activity based on sincerely held religious beliefs).  It would force small business owners like florists, bakers, photographers, hotel owners and the like to participate in same-sex wedding ceremonies against their willWatch at the 4 minute mark here. No one should have to choose between their conscience and their livelihood.  That is simply un-American.


Initiative Measure No. 502 (Legalizing Marijuana) – Vote NO

Regardless of your views on marijuana, this measure is a massive tax increase that would also massively increase the size and scope of government.  A better solution is to legalize non-THCcommercial hemp creating a new industry in Washington manufacturing sisal twine for our hops fields and vineyards (instead of importing) and legalize marijuana in nebulized form only (like an inhaler) to be prescribed by doctors and issued by pharmacies just like every other narcotic. 


Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution No. 8221 (Reducing the Debt Limit) – Vote APPROVE

This is a constitutional amendment which would reduce the state debt limit in phases.  This would in turn reduce the total state debt.  What a great idea. 


Senate Joint Resolution No. 8223 (Allowing University Investment) Vote APPROVE

This is a constitutional amendment that would allow public universities like WSU and UW to invest public funds as authorized by the legislature in private companies or stock.  It allows more flexibility with funds and could very well end up helping alleviate higher tuition rates to some extent, all without having to raise taxes.


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