October 9, 2012

Matt Shea


NEWS RELEASE: Bringing in the Harvest 


Friday, October 5th – The first weekend of October turned out to be a very busy weekend for the Shea family. Matt took a break from campaigning to help out in our community. Friday was a day spent in the vineyards at Trezzi Farm picking grapes. The grapes were then pressed to become wine.  


 Beautiful weather and great company made for a weekend where friends still lend a hand and help harvest a bountiful crop. 

 After the grapes were picked, pressed, and all of the equipment (and people) cleaned up, all enjoyed a lovely authentic Italian meal around the Trezzi’s table.


Saturday, October 6th – Joined by Jeff Holy and Mike Fagan, Matt kicked Saturday off early with the “Feather Me Pink” event raising awareness and money for the American Cancer Society at Angelina Salon’s annual event. 

Click here to visit Feather Me Pink’s Facebook page.





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