September 20, 2012

Matt Shea


PRESS RELEASE: Focusing On The Issues – Focusing On The Truth


There they go again…over the weekend Representative Matt Shea’s opponent, a former Democrat County Party Chair who moved here from Seattle, sent out a hit-piece about an incident that happened 10 months ago. The hit-piece is categorically untrue.  What can you do to help?


1. Please pray for Matt’s opponent.
2. Know the truth. See the attached statements that unequivocally refute the hit-piece and spread this information to your friends and neighbors.
3. Endorse Matt, help him doorbell, put a sign up, and donate by going to his website – Click here to visit the website.


This is Spokane Valley, not Seattle, and we are Americans that should be working together to solve the great crisis facing our nation. That means we as Washingtonians should be working together to get government out of the way of small businesses so we can get Washington working again.


Matt Shea is a proven conservative Christian leader whose voting record and qualifications speak for themselves: Small Business Owner; Constitutional Attorney; 10 Year Army Combat Veteran; 100% Voting Record for Small Business; 5 Star Rating From We Believe We Vote for Stance on Life, Marriage, and Family;  Consistently Endorsed by the Washington Association of Police and Sheriffs (WACOPS); A+ Rating from the NRA and endorsed by Gun Owners of America; Rated “Outstanding…One of CAPR’s Top Ten Washington State Representatives;” and Ranked the most conservative State Representative Lifetime (Washington Conservative Union). However, Matt doesn’t just stand on principle. He is one of the most effective legislators in Olympia.  He was recognized in 2009 as the Rookie Legislator of the Year by the Everett Herald and after the ranking budget member, Matt Shea has passed more amendments and bills than any other Republican in the last four years earning him the nickname “Mr. Amendment.”  That is proven, effective, principled leadership.






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