September 20, 2012

Matt Shea


PRESS RELEASE: Worker’s Compensation Rates Stay the Same, Shea Idea Key Component of Reform


 Rep. Shea hails Worker’s Compensation Advisory Committee decision to not change rates as a victory for small businesses.


On September 17th, the Workers Compensation Advisory Committee, Director Judy Schurke announced that L&I is proposing a zero premium rate change for the 2013 worker compensation rates. This is a huge victory for small business. One of the main reasons for keeping rates at current levels is the 2011 Worker’s Compensation reform package including expanding the use of Healthcare Provider Networks and Rep. Shea’s idea of structured settlements broke which broke the stalemate and allowed the first major reform in over 2 decades. (Click here for the full Spokesman Review Article)


Shea is committed to introducing and approving legislation to get Washington’s fiscal house in order.  His next priority is getting his amendment to the State Constitution (HJR 4225) passed out of the house which would require the legislature to pass a balanced budget.


In an article published in the Spokesman Review titled “2011 WA Lege: Counting winners and loosers,” Shea is recognized as having “the best-timed, if not the best, idea of the session.” regarding workers comp changes. (Click here for the full Spokesman Review article)


In 2009, Shea was recognized as the most effective legislator of his class earning the “Rookie of the Year Award” from the Everett Herald.  “The key issue in this election is getting government out of the way of small business so we can get Washington working again” said Shea. “I am proud to be part of implementing that solution.



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