Matt’s Take on Elections 2019



Spokane City Mayor – JONATHAN BINGLE
Jonathan is an unashamed rock solid Christian and Conservative. He has a deep understanding of worldview and is very articulate. Additionally, he is a business owner who understands the principles of the free market and doesn’t want to see Spokane go the way of downtown Seattle.
Unfortunately, his opponents do not come close to his experience, qualifications, and worldview. One, the current council president is a socialist. https://www.jonathanbingle.com/

Spokane City Council President – MIKE FAGAN
Mike is a tried and true constitutional conservative. One of the few shining lights in Spokane City government with common sense and fiscal conservativism. www.electmikefagan.com/

Spokane City Council, District 1 – Tim Benn
Tim is a champion of regulatory reform and religious liberty. www.votetimbenn.com

Spokane City Council, District 2 – Tony Kiepe
Tony is committed to serving people and addressing homelessness the right way through
churches and charitable organizations that require accountability. https://votetonykiepe.com/

Spokane City Council, District 3 – Jeff Martin
Jeff is a conservative that understands Spokane is headed in the wrong direction. He is a
champion of fiscal responsibility and efficiency in government. www.votejeffmartin.com/

City of Spokane Valley, Position 2 – Michelle Rasmussen
Michelle is a solid Christian Conservative with a breadth of knowledge on everything from
budgets to regulations and most importantly how to shrink both. She will keep Spokane Valley
business and Christian friendly. I would be remiss if I didn’t give a nod to Rocky Samson. He
has done a masterful job during debates calling out the blatantly unqualified socialist currently
occupying the position that is directly linked to local Marxist groups like Indivisible.

City of Spokane Valley, Position 3 – Arne Woodard
Arne is a tried and true leader and defender of property rights and small business.

City of Spokane Valley, Position 6 – Bo Tucker
Bo is a small business owner for 20 year and dedicated family man. His worldview is rock solid
and all of his opponents are either Marxist leaning or moderates. https://www.my-cwc.com/