Matt’s Take on Elections 2019




Spokane City Council, District 1 – Tim Benn
Tim is a champion of regulatory reform and religious liberty.

Spokane City Council, District 2 – Tony Kiepe
Tony is committed to serving people and addressing homelessness the right way through churches and charitable organizations that require accountability.  https://votetonykiepe.com/

SPECIAL NOTE: There are a group of socialists masquerading as moderates/conservatives that are trying to take over the City of Spokane Valley.  They are all endorsed by the progressive (socialist) voter guide and a Marxist sympathizer group fraudulently named the “Republicans of Spokane Valley” which actively associates with local Marxist groups.   The below candidates solid, experienced, REAL CONSERVATIVES.  DON’T BE FOOLED:

City of Spokane Valley, Position 2 – Michelle Rasmussen
Michelle is a solid Christian Conservative with a breadth of knowledge on everything from budgets to regulations and most importantly how to shrink both.  She will keep Spokane Valley business and Christian friendly.  Her opponent is a blatantly unqualified socialist masquerading as a conservative (look at her vote record) currently occupying the position that is directly linked to local Marxist groups like Indivisible and endorsed by the progressive (socialist) voter guide.

City of Spokane Valley, Position 3 – Arne Woodard
Arne is a tried and true leader and defender of property rights and small business.  His opponent is endorsed by the progressive (socialist) voter guide.

City of Spokane Valley, Position 6 – Bo Tucker
Bo is a small business owner for 20 year and dedicated family man.  His worldview is rock solid his opponent is Marxist leaning and was my Democrat opponent in my first election and is endorsed by the progressive (socialist) voter guide.



Central Valley, Director District 3 – Debra Long
Debra is an experienced, well-reasoned, school board director.  Additionally, she is a very diligent communicator and regularly reaches out to the local legislative delegation.



Spokane Proposition 1 – VOTE YES
This ballot measure would amend the City Charter to make all collective bargaining transparent…which it should be since all taxpayer money spend should have sunshine.  Additionally, it would allow union members to hold their own negotiators accountable.

Spokane Proposition 2 – VOTE YES
This measure would ban income tax of any kind.  While according to the clear wording of the Washington State Constitution it is clear income taxes are unconstitutional recent court decisions seem to be throwing that into question. Income tax at the city level is nothing more than a socialist “end around” and a key part of Marxist goals to control individuals & small business.

Initiative 976 – VOTE YES
A very simple initiative that would return us to actual $30 car tabs.  Yes, we are voting on this again because bureaucrats and progressives have effectively undermined it over the years.  Unbelievably, Mainstream Republicans of Washington oppose the Initiative and were promptly praised by progressive socialists. https://www.nwprogressive.org/weblog/2019/10/mainstream-republicans-of-washington-declare-opposition-to-tim-eymans-i-976.html

Referendum 88 on Initiative 1000VOTE REJECTED
Earlier this year during a Judiciary Committee hearing I strongly questioned I-1000.  Non-partisan staff agreed that I-1000 removed veterans preferences even though none of the statutes containing the preferences were amended.  Can you say court battle?  An ex-governor even implied that being a veteran is not a qualification.  I beg to differ.  Those who fought for and served this country deserve better.  Despite this anti-veteran provision the Democrat controlled legislature voted it in.  Now we have a chance to protect our veterans and overrule the socialists.

SJR 8200 – VOTE NO
I was strongly opposed to this proposed constitutional amendment.  It does not define “catastrophic incident” and would in effect all the Governor to trigger an emergency for unspecified and potentially light and transient reasons. This opens the way for legislative leaders (read Democrats) in Seattle to change the location of the State Capitol, appoint legislators, and local government officials to represent you, pass bills without the normal legislative process.  Allowing the concentration of power in the hands of a few individuals for potentially light and transient reasons is the very seeds of tyranny.


FOR OTHER RACES AND MORE INFORMATION SEE https://webelievewevote.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/2019-All-Cities-3.pdf