PRESS RELEASE: We Believe We Vote Gives Matt Shea a Perfect Five Star Rating 

August 6, 2012

Saturday, July 14 – We Believe We Vote (WBWV) is a nonpartisan organization that interviews candidates to determine their consistency with Biblical values, constitutional principles, and personal responsibility.

WBWV’s recommendations are regarded as a clear indicator of which candidates truly stand on principle and the five star rating is the highest rating given. Matt Shea is honored to receive their five star rating and stated that WBWV’s interview was “the most thorough comprehensive interview I have done as a candidate.” He went on to say that “WBWV’s voter guide establishes unequivocally where I stand on the issues that matter to the 4th Legislative District. When they can’t beat you on the issues they result to disparaging the person.” As a result of the WBWV rating, Shea fully expects the regular bevy of personal attacks in response to his principled conservative stand.

“I am sending you our 2012 Primary Voter Recommendations because you are listed as one of our top picks …Matt is the incumbent and has served the district honorably as a man of integrity and committed to all groups he has been a part of. Strong, bold leader who has introduced legislation that aligns with WBWV standards…Has experience and education that has prepared him for this office.” – We Believe We Vote
The “We Believe – We Vote” Coalition has thoroughly evaluated most Spokane County candidates in contested races by means of interviews, surveys, and published materials. Click here to view the PDF of the WBWV Voter Recommendation. Click here to view the Candidate Evaluations.

Matt Shea Receives Support From And Washington Businesses And Constituents
Shea has enthusiastic support of the constituents from the 4th District.

“Rep. Matt Shea is one of those rare people who is everything a leader must be. He listens intently to his constituents and understands that the encroaching power of government must be stopped. The extreme, rigid agenda of the Democratic caucus in Olympia must be defanged and defunded for economic freedom to thrive. Freedom must always be defended, reclaimed, and expanded as a basic governing principle. Matt Shea GETS IT. I am proud we have a Representative who loves and protects freedom.” – David A Drahman (Constituent, 4th District)

Thursday, July 19 – The Association of Washington Business has given their endorsement to Shea.

“We want to thank you for your support of those issues important to maintaining and creating jobs and strengthening our economy.”- The Association of Washington Business
Tuesday, July 10 – The Washington Restaurant Association, the leading business association representing the state’s hospitality industry has endorsed Representative Matt Shea for 4th District State Representative.

“Thank you for your commitment of time and effort to campaign for and serve in the Washington State Legislature.”-Washington Restaurant Association PAC
GOAL: Gun Owners Action League Of Washington Endorsement
Sunday, July 15- An independent political action committee, Gun Owners League of Washington has given Rep. Shea their endorsement for his outstanding support of the Second Amendment.

“The Gun Owners Action League of Washington (GOAL of WA) is pleased to announce our endorsement of you for election to the state House of Representatives.”
Rep. Shea is honored by the overwhelming support from these endorsements in the fight for freedom and standing up for the Constitution. He will continue to fight for these rights and welcomes further support from constituents of the 4th District and Washington State.



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