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Sample for Truth

The media articles attempted to suggest that notes on a series of Biblical sermons from many years ago were a “manifesto” calling for mass murder. This false interpretation was designed, both in timing and tone, as a desperate effort to derail my service to this community and this country. For those of us who know the awful cost of war and have seen the aftermath of atrocities firsthand, such smears are despicable. The document the media and KHQ referenced as a “manifesto” were clearly noted as a series of Biblical sermons. Furthermore, the other documents contained in the same folder clearly show that this was a historical study and discussion on Just War Theory. A sample of some of the documents: The Military Code of Conduct (US), Notes on Just War Theory, The Battle of Cowpens, The Battle of Kings Mountain, Col. Glover John’s Observations on Soldiering (WWII), Observations on the Vietnam War. These key points were not disclosed by either Jay Pounder or the mainstream media. Additionally, a very quick reading of Deuteronomy 20 shows the notes to be extremely accurate. This, too, was not mentioned.
The media alleges that The God and Country Celebration at Marble Country Fellowship is a White Nationalist and racist gathering. It is both enlightening and telling that media continues time and again to fail to report that the associate pastor Doug Taft, at Marble Country Fellowship happens to be black. A Reverend, Matthew Cummings, who grew up in downtown Chicago and has spoken at the event also happens to be black and lives there. Ethical journalists doing their due diligence would publish their existing statements. Above: Pastor Doug Taft and Rep. Matt Shea Above: Rep. Matt Shea and Rev. Matthew Cummings   In addition, Matt has  demonstrated support for the following:
  • House resolution honoring Israel
  • Anti-BDS resolution
  • Ethiopia mission: It is important to live out our Christianity beyond the 4 walls of the church. The video in the link above is a powerful witness to how God's love working through each one of us can bring peace in the midst of war. Just before I arrived there was a gun battle in Nekemte where people were killed. Then there was peace... I hope this blesses you ... Immanuel."With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." - Matthew 19:6