Matt’s Take on Elections



5th Congressional District – CATHY McCMORRIS ROGERS.  The Democrat plan is Trump impeachment and chaos.  Lisa Brown is a committed socialist arguing for more government, higher taxes, and less freedom.  Cathy reached out to me this year and was very helpful in the pardon of the Hammonds and other veterans issues.   




Spokane County Commissioner, District 2 – ROB CHASE

Rob is an unwavering Christian Conservative who has proven himself time and again in the fight for freedom and liberty.  He will fight to stop the destruction of property rights and specifically hold the line on tax increases.  Unfortunately, his opponent voted for a property tax increase during a time when we had the highest increase in county history.   www.electrobchase.com

County Assessor – Tom Konis.  – Tom is a solid conservative and experienced assessor.  He timber and agriculture exemptions and what the possible solutions are to fix some of the problems in the system.  I disagree strongly with We Believe We Vote recommendation on this race.  Tom’s opponent is a multiple failed candidate that has endorsed/campaigned against virtually every good Christian conservative in the area. He was chastised twice by fellow members during his brief stint in the House of Representatives for unprofessional behavior.  Consequently, I strongly recommend Tom Konis.  www.votetomkonisforassessor.com

County Clerk – Tim Fitzgerald – A solid and well-organized county clerk he is modernizing the office to make filing easier and files more accessible.  www.retaintimfitzgeraldclerk.com

County Treasurer – Michael Baumgartner – Mike is conscientious and will continue the great policies and reforms of the outgoing Treasurer Rob Chase. www.votebaumgartner.com

Spokane County District Court, Pos. 1 – Randy Brandt – Randy is a man of integrity and experience and is a solid Christian conservative.  www.votebrandt.com

House, District 3, Pos. 1 – Tom Taylor

House, District 3, Pos. 2 – Dave Lucas – Dave is a retired Marine Corps LTC who served in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  He is a community leader, hardworking, that is tenacious and shares our values and integrity.  His opponent, the lead Democrat budget writer, should have retired after rolling the car while driving intoxicated.  The 3rd District deserves better.  www.votedavelucas.com

House District 4, Pos. 2 – BOB McCASLIN JR. – Bob is an incredible Christian man that was introduced and passed one of the first significant changes to the growth management act in 20 years.  He is immovable on tax and freedom issues.  www.votebobmccaslin.com

House, District 6, Pos. 1 – MIKE VOLZ – Mike is a Christian, veteran, CPA and by far the most qualified candidate in the race.  He is a true conservative that will help bring balanced budgets to Washington.  www.mikevolz.com

House, District 6, Pos. 2 – JENNY GRAHAM – Jenny has been a community leader on fighting sex trafficking and abuse.  Her personal story is compelling but she is also a rock solid lower taxes, less government Christian conservative. www.votegraham.gop

Senate, District 6 – JEFF HOLY – Jeff is a stalwart supporter of the Freedom Agenda and has been a leader on drone restriction, licensing fee reduction, and cracking down on sex offenders. http://www.votejeffholy.com/