Matt’s Take on Elections 2020

President – DONALD TRUMP & MICHAEL PENCE.  The race here is liberty vs. communism.


Governor – LOREN CULP.  Loren Culp will restore our state and defend our God-given unalienable rights to life, liberty, property, and the ability to defend the same. Loren’s opponent is a petty socialist tyrant.


In every other statewide, state level, or local level race vote Republican. Quite literally every Democrat candidate is a socialist or socialist sympathizer.  In the 4th Legislative District in particular RINO Trump-hating Republicans attempted to team up with Marxists to throw out the strongly supported constitutional conservative candidates. Lori Feagan and Lance Gurel both have direct ties to, and are supported by, avowed local marxist groups.  We must reject George Soros influenced downtown Seattle loving candidates.



Don’t fall for the Marxist narrative lie that these races are “non-partisan.”  The entrenched deep state supports their own.  It is time to throw out the deep state.

Washington State Supreme Court, Pos. 3 – Dave Larson 

Washington State Supreme Court, Pos. 6 – Richard Serns

Court of Appeals Judge – Marshall Casey https://marshallcaseyforjudge.com/
Marshall Casey will uphold the constitution and his family have been in eastern Washington for 4 generations.  He aligns 100% with We Believe We Vote.  His opponent is endorsed by RINOs (Republicans in Name Only or Fake Republicans) and is supported by “Never Trumpers.”  It is time to get qualified judges in office who will defend the Constitution.


Ballot Measures

R-90 – Comprehensive Sex Education – Vote REJECTED

This bill would allow the teaching of pornographic material to our children.  During the debate even TVW acknowledged the subject matter required “View Discretion.”  If our kids could not see this at a movie theater why are they being shown it at school?

Advisory Votes 32, 33, 34, 35 – Vote REPEALED

Each one of these is yet another Democrat sponsored and forced through tax increase.

SJM 8212 – Vote APPROVED

Oddly the argument against this Constitutional Amendment is that it is safer to keep public money only invested in Federal, State, and Municipal Bonds.  This is odd because many state and local governments around the country are on the verge of insolvency.  Adding to this a recent court decision (clearly unconstitutional) in Stevens County has potentially jeopardized the stability of bond markets throughout the country for local governments.  Allowing diversification into the private sector, which is already done for pensions (LEOFF 2 for example is one of the most solvent in the country), is a viable way to maintain solvency for the Long Term Care Trust Fund.  Free markets are always the better solution.