My Beliefs

I have consistently and unequivocally condemned racism, anti-Semitism and white nationalism and do so again here and now. Not only are these ideas antithetical to my political beliefs, they are in deep opposition to my faith in Jesus Christ and His love. I am heartened that the people I serve know me and my steadfast belief in the worth and dignity of every human being.
“When the debate is lost slander becomes the tool of the loser.” Socrates Often, some candidates out of desperation, will launch “attack mail” or “attack advertisements” and use biased media (like the Spokesman-Review) to help their effort. This happens late in a campaign, so an opponent has no time to respond to false-hoods and half-truths. A frequently asked question is how politicians, candidates, and the Spokesman Review get away with consistently lying by commission or omission during political campaigns. The answer is that the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that it’s alright for candidates to make false statements about other candidates: “‘The majority opinion advances the efforts of those who would turn political campaigns into contests of the best stratagems of lies and deceit, to the end that honest discourse and honest candidates are lost in the maelstrom,’ Justice Barbara Madsen wrote in the dissent.” Read the story. This Truth page is presented so you can get the other side of the story and make a fair and informed decision.
The day before the ballots drop for the last three contested elections the mass media, encouraged by my opponents, published libelous hit pieces on me. This year is no different. These are stories based on the reports of unnamed sources that make factually unsubstantiated claims but imply dramatic scandal. This is an old leftist tactic popularized by the likes of Saul Alinsky. The latest attack of the 2014 election cycle, encouraged by my opponent, is outrageous and represents everything that’s wrong with politics today. My opponent, of the same political party, who has publicly called me a wife-beating, militia member that defends tax-dodging racists, murders, and child molesters is now trying to accuse me and many other veterans of being domestic terrorists. He cites the SPLC as his source and claims that the Oathkeepers is a violent militia and my dinner with their founder Stewart Rhodes must have been a nefarious planning session for a terrorist attack…at a local Mexican Restaurant. Supposedly, a random person just happened to overhear a conversation between myself and a group of combat army and marine veterans and covertly photographed us. You will recall last month that we exposed my opponent’s campaign manager clandestinely filming me:   Here are the facts:
  1. Yes, I did have dinner at a Mexican restaurant with Oathkeepers founder Stewart Rhodes and several other army and marine veterans. I had chicken fajitas with extra cheese, Spanish rice, no beans, and a water. We discussed several issues including property rights and the developing problems in Washington State, veterans’ outreach, feeding the hungry through churches (and by implication homeless veterans), and a friend’s new toy from Cabelas.
  2. I am a 10-year Army combat veteran who fought terrorists in Bosnia and Iraq.
  3. I lost a man in battle fighting those same terrorists.
  4. I am endorsed by Law Enforcement (WACOPs) and have been every election cycle.
  5. The SPLC is an anti-Christian radical leftist organization.
  6. The SPLC was directly implicated in the deadly shooting at the Family Research Council on August 15, 2012.
  7. Oathkeepers is not a militia but instead a veteran, law enforcement, and first responder organization, that seeks to uphold the constitution.
  8. This election is about me going to Olympia and successfully fighting any gas tax increase and carrying the banner, not just voting, for freedom and liberty.
The establishment and their socialist policies are losing. That’s why they are desperate. So it’s no surprise that here they go again…
TRUTH: Let’s look at the facts. Matt has passed more amendments and bills than any other Republican House Representative, outside the ranking Budget Committee member. He also earned “Rookie Legislator of the Year in 2009” hardly the mark of an extremist who can’t “work across the isle.” Matt enjoys broad support among pro-business organizations including:
  • Credit Union Legislative Action Fund
  • National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB)
  • Spokane Home Builders Association
  • Trucking Action Committee
  • Washington Auto Dealers
  • Washington Restaurant Association
Matt also enjoys broad support among many well-known conservative organizations:
  • Citizens Alliance for Property Rights(CAPR)
  • Gun Owners Action League of Washington
  • Gun Owners of America
  • Human Life PAC
  • Justice For All PAC
  • Parents’ Rights of Washington
  • Spokane County Constitutional Republicans
Here is a breakdown of where Matt and his constituents stand on the issues:
Initiative/Issue Shea 4th Dist. Voters
Same-Sex Marriage Opposes 66% Opposed (R-71)
Income Tax Opposes 74% Opposed (I-1098)
Gun Control Opposes Vast Majority Oppose
Implementation of Obamacare Opposes Vast Majority Oppose
2/3rds Requirement to Raise Taxes Supports 74% Supported (I-1053)
Removing Tax Increases by Legislature Supports 74% Supported (I-1107)
Right to Life Supports Vast Majority Support
TRUTH: As usual the Spokesman Review does not support Matt Shea. No surprise there. However, the timing is clearly suspect…8 months later during an election year the Spokesman Review brings this incident up after doing something almost identical in 2008 to Matt (a hit piece published right after primary ballots drop). In light of this, it is also no surprise the Spokesman Review did not report the key facts corroborated by the witnesses. Specifically, Mr. Norris came across four lanes of traffic and tried to run into the side of Matt’s truck. The independent eyewitness did not see anything “that led up to the Lumina driving, ‘horribly aggressive’” and “Donna believed the driving to be unprovoked” (Police Report Excerpt Below). The other independent witness corroborated this in a sworn affidavit: “The driver serving across 4 lanes of traffic toward the front of Mr. Shea’s truck was clearly unprovoked. Mr. Norris then stopped in front of Mr. Shea’s truck. It was only then that Mr. Shea pulled the gun out of this glove box and set it on the seat.” Fearing for his own life and everyone around him, Matt pulled the gun out and set it on the seat just in case he had to defend himself and those near him in traffic. At no time did Matt point the gun at anyone, which Mr. Norris readily admitted. “Leroy did not believe that the driver of the truck pointed the gun at him at any time” (Police Report Excerpt Below). Matt immediately called the State Patrol liaison for legislators and reported it as an attempt on his life (legislators do not have any security out of session). The fourth witness stated clearly “Rep. Shea maintained a calm demeanor throughout the incident…To be honest I would have done the same thing if I were him…” The real issue here is why wasn’t this Mr. Norris prosecuted with vehicular assault, especially with what appears to be an extensive record of similar behavior including charges for reckless driving and hit and run? By contrast, Matt Shea is a trained decorated Army combat veteran. As Matt himself says, “ask any law enforcement officer or military man and they will tell you, your number one job is coming home to your family at night.”
TRUTH: The Democrats and the Spokesman Review have hashed and rehashed this myth since 2008 with the proverbial question “how many times did you beat your wife Matt?” The truth is that Matt’s wife left him in 2007 and then filed for divorce. She then went on a two week vacation to Mexico with her boyfriend. Matt attempted everything in his power to keep the marriage together including immediately putting himself under the authority of his church pastor Ken Ortize in an effort to resolve the situation but to no avail. Matt’s former wife and her attorney proceeded to make several outrageous allegations including that Matt physically abused her. This has, unfortunately, become a standard practice in many, if not all, divorce proceedings to gain leverage in settlement negotiations. At that time Matt was the executive director of a pro-family advocacy organization. As a result of these allegations and at his behest, the board of directors, composed of a group of local Christian leaders, conducted a formal and thorough investigation. This included a complete review of the entire court file and formal interviews of both Matt and his former wife. The group completely exonerated Matt concluding, “the allegations had no basis in fact.” Following this, Matt’s former wife violated the mutual restraining order several times including breaking into his house. Consequently, through his attorney, Matt filed a Contempt of Court Motion. The matter was then quickly settled, the divorce finalized, and all restraining orders immediately dropped once Matt delivered the settlement check to his former wife. Matt later discovered that his former wife’s attorney Paul Mack was a prominent Spokane County Democrat who has given campaign contributions to high profile Democrats Tim Hattenburg, Christine Gregoire(3), Mark Mays, Don Barbieri, and Patty Murray(4).
TRUTH: This one is the most laughable but people continue to spread this myth based on an interview Matt did with the Alex Jones show on February 9, 2009. First, Matt categorically does not believe that. Second, the entire context of the interview was about unconstitutional federal overreach including cap and trade, Obamacare, unfunded mandates on states, nationalization of banks and car makers, and the infringement of civil liberties. Third, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a database called the National Shelter System(5) of designated emergency relocation shelters and centers(6) (camps or “mass shelters”(7)) in conjunction with the National Disaster Housing Strategy(8). Designated “FEMA Camps and Shelters” as it were, do in fact exist. That is not at issue. In fact, Matt applauds the preparation for natural disasters(9) done by FEMA and the encouragement of FEMA for individuals to “Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed(10).” As a former Company Commander in the United States Army that served in Iraq, Matt Shea understands how critical it is to be prepared for huge forced evacuations of people. The concern Matt acknowledged on the Alex Jones Show is that these designated “FEMA Camps and Shelters” could be used for something other than emergency relocation in the event of a natural disaster because of centralized federal control. Specifically, he acknowledged the concerns of many(11) that a centralized shelter system could be used for purposes contrary to the Washington State and Federal Constitutions as was the case during World War II with Japanese-American internment(12). A constitutional attorney, Matt believes safeguards need to be in place to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again but tempered with the ability to provide disaster relief.  
TRUTH: The fact is the Inland Northwest Leadership PAC is funded by, and is a political hit organization for, the: • Washington State Democrats • Roosevelt Fund (State Senate Democrat Fund) • Truman Fund (State House Democrat Fund) • Washington Federation of State Employees/WFSE Council 28 • SEIU Healthcare 775NW These are the top 5 of 6 donors(2).
The media articles attempted to suggest that notes on a series of Biblical sermons from many years ago were a “manifesto” calling for mass murder. This false interpretation was designed, both in timing and tone, as a desperate effort to derail my service to this community and this country. For those of us who know the awful cost of war and have seen the aftermath of atrocities firsthand, such smears are despicable. The document the media and KHQ referenced as a “manifesto” were clearly noted as a series of Biblical sermons. Furthermore, the other documents contained in the same folder clearly show that this was a historical study and discussion on Just War Theory. A sample of some of the documents: The Military Code of Conduct (US), Notes on Just War Theory, The Battle of Cowpens, The Battle of Kings Mountain, Col. Glover John’s Observations on Soldiering (WWII), Observations on the Vietnam War. These key points were not disclosed by either Jay Pounder or the mainstream media. Additionally, a very quick reading of Deuteronomy 20 shows the notes to be extremely accurate. This, too, was not mentioned.
The media alleges that The God and Country Celebration at Marble Country Fellowship is a White Nationalist and racist gathering. It is both enlightening and telling that media continues time and again to fail to report that the associate pastor Doug Taft, at Marble Country Fellowship happens to be black. A Reverend, Matthew Cummings, who grew up in downtown Chicago and has spoken at the event also happens to be black and lives there. Ethical journalists doing their due diligence would publish their existing statements. Above: Pastor Doug Taft and Rep. Matt Shea Above: Rep. Matt Shea and Rev. Matthew Cummings In addition, Matt has demonstrated support for the following:
  • House resolution honoring Israel
  • Anti-BDS resolution
  • Ethiopia mission: It is important to live out our Christianity beyond the 4 walls of the church. The video in the link above is a powerful witness to how God's love working through each one of us can bring peace in the midst of war. Just before I arrived there was a gun battle in Nekemte where people were killed. Then there was peace... I hope this blesses you ... Immanuel."With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." - Matthew 19:6
This was part of a coordinated Democrat and media smear campaign. Matt was exonerated by two investigative journalists with over 80 years experience between them. Read these articles below: Label Lynching Matt Shea Tha Ballad of Matt Shea